Enhanced Critical Care

Vision Statement

Establish an enhanced critical care program that improves care for patients through clinical partnerships.

Mission Statement

Our enhanced critical care program connects critical care patients, families, nurses, and physicians with specialists from Mayo Clinic 24x7, enabling real-time consultations and broad application of evidence-based care.

Enhanced Critical Care System

The Enhanced Critical Care System is an application of telemedicine monitoring technology in which nurses and intensivists remotely monitor critically ill patients from the Enhanced Critical Care Operations Center.  The system is comprised of a software platform that integrates health records, patient vitals, audiovisual feeds, image acquisition software, and decision-support tools networked across multiple hospitals.  The Enhanced Critical Care Operations Center is staffed by intensivists and critical care nurses.

Benefits of Enhanced Critical Care Patients may experience one or more of the following program benefits:

  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Improved patient results
  • Fewer transfers to other facilities
  • Higher level of care close to home
  • Improved patient and family satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of care


COR Clinician Toolbox

MCHS Clinician Toolbox

To learn more information contact our office at: ENHANCEDCRITICALCARE@mayo.edu