Video Visits to the Home

This project focused on video follow-up calls to established patients to their homes. The purpose was to create and refine a video visit service system to reliably facilitate connecting to patients’ homes, extending the reach of Mayo Clinic by offering a simple, affordable, convenient alternative of health care to established and future Mayo Clinic patients.


Following a proof of concept using consumer-grade software, the team sought to understand the requirements for an institution-wide Video Visit service system that enabled a more transparent and reliable experience for patients and providers, with the hope of saving time and effort for both parties.


More than ¾ of patients surveyed would be willing to try a video visit if recommended by their provider. Over the course of the project, over 3,000 connections were tried while doing small enhancement cycles to improve the system efficiency and reliability. During the study, there was no significant difference in the patient’s perception of visit confidentiality, efficiency, educational quality or overall satisfaction. Video Visits both significantly lowered travel costs and reduced the need for exam rooms.


Work continues on broadly implementing the Video Visits to the Home service through the Center for Connected Care at Mayo Clinic. Work with various groups including General Internal Medicine, Oncology, and others is aimed at reducing or eliminate the need for multiple visits where a lab test followed by a consult are necessary.