Mayo Clinic OB Nest

The Center for Innovation partnered with Mayo Clinic’s Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology to better understand care at a distance pertaining to prenatal care. The project explored ways to supplement Mayo’s prenatal care offerings and provide patients and families with more ways to interact with their care team from home without having to come to Mayo.

The goal of this project was to improve the patient and provider experience by leveraging technology and designing new service models.


The Mayo Clinic OB Nest team created 14 experiments where patients were exposed to new experiences and environments, allowing the team to better understand the impact on the patient and provider experience. Experiments included themes of in-home monitoring, opening access, patient-driven appointments, a custom-tailored experience, online communities for patients and appointments from a distance.

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology is planning on introducing several of the new ideas to their practice.


Bobbie Gostout, M.D., Mayo Clinic, takes a look at how prenatal care has changed over the last two decades. Highlighting the personal experiences of three women of different age and care experience, Gostout introduces the OB Nest model, a partnership of Mayo OBGYN clinic and Center for Innovation at Transform 2013, sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.