We start with big ideas around people’s needs, frame them as opportunities, define and refine the concept and move fast to validate tangible models that can be scaled.

Design Thinking

The Center for Innovation’s role is to transform the experience and delivery of health and health care with a patient-centered focus. It offers a multidisciplinary team to turn innovative ideas for medical practice into practical solutions that change how patients receive health care — a medical transformation.

What We Do

Today, business evolves at a rapid pace. Innovation is more critical than ever, and health care is no exception. During the past 60 years, there have been significant advances in medicine. There is clearly an opportunity to do more — and Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation is doing it.

Connect With Us

Mayo Clinic takes innovation out of the clinic, on the road and into other medical practices and learning environments.

Collectively, our team has spent over 10,000 hours with patients in the context of over 300 projects. We accompany patients on their health care journeys from the moment they consider connecting with Mayo Clinic. Using human-centered design, we look for gaps and challenges to transform their experiences with health and health care.

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Lorna Ross’s design career has been an interesting journey spanning more than 25 years, with stops in the world of fashion, wearable technology and, most recently, health care. Currently serving as Director of Design at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation,...

Transform Breakout Session Fuels Honest Dialogue about Design Process Challenges

Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation service designer Amy Wicks and colleagues, Steve Ommen M.D., Kelli Walvatne and Paul Nordlund, engaged Transform 2016 attendees in a lively discussion about the challenges the team encountered and what they learned while working on...

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The stage at the end of the large hall is bathed in cool purples and blues. The runway is flanked by two huge television screens. An announcer asks people to take their seats as quiet background music gives way to...

Transform Conference

September 27-29 Rochester, MN.

Transform brings together decision makers, change agents, and stakeholders to challenge assumptions, collaborate, and share results to create the future of health care. Activities at Transform 2017 will identify tangible principles for patient-driven innovation that attendees can immediately activate for their organization and community.